Overall rules:

Be respectful
No advertising or mentioning other servers.
Don’t ask for staff staff.
Don’t act like staff.

Chat rules:

No spamming.
No racism, No homophobia.
No all caps talking, as this is considered shouting.
No cursing.


Dont hack in any way!
No xray mods and/or texture packs.
No begging.
No griefing.
Please don’t try and crash the plugins and/or our bots
No offensive builds, nicknames and/or skins.
No death traps
No scamming players.

Discord rules:

No GIFS in any channel except #💭・memes and #🎥・media
Use the correct channels, please.
No NSFW in any channel.
No spam except for in #🗯・spam
Don't ping staff unless its necessary!
No DMing staff about a punishment.
No advertising any other Minecraft/discord server.
Be respectful towards other members and NO HOMOPHOBIA
Use common sense, please.

Voice-chat rules

No mic-spam and/or disturbing noises in a vc channel.
No music bots in any other voice channel then the Music one!
No songs that contain banned curse words within the voice channels, please!

These rules are subject to change at any time and all rules need to be followed in all situations